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Lose weight this winter: Your easiest at-home workout

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Want to prevent winter weight gain? You don’t need fancy equipment or even a lot of time–just these six calorie-smoking moves from Denise Taylor, a personal trainer at Fitness by Design in New York City.

For best results, do all six moves three to five times a week. Each one gets your heart pumping and works major muscle groups. The repetitions suggested are just a starting point; do more as your strength and stamina improve. Use these moves all winter long and greet spring in sleek shape!


  • a. Position yourself as shown with feet spread wider than hip-width apart. Tighten your abs and bend your left leg, keeping right leg straight, and bend from the waist to reach both arms to the floor at your left side.
  • b.&c. Slowly raise your upper body and arms overhead in a smooth, arching motion.
  • d. Bend your right knee and bring both hands to the floor at your right side. Repeat the movement on opposite side. Do 20 reps.


  • a. Position yourself in a squat, with feet pointing slightly out. Tighten abs; place your hands on hips for balance. Make sure knees do not extend past your toes.
  • b. Leap straight up into the air, and land in the squat position. Do 15 reps.


a. Start with feet together as shown, knees bent and pointing to the right. Bend arms so they’re at waist height, and reach to the left. b. Jump straight up. c. As you come down, shift hips to the left, and land with knees bent and pointing to the left, arms reaching to the right. Do 15 reps.


  • a. Stand as shown, feet shoulder-width apart, arms by your sides.
  • b. Jump into a straddle stance–left leg in front, right leg in back. At the same time, scissor your arms–left arm in front, right one in back.
  • c.&d. Next, jump and reverse positions of both arms and legs. Keep your motions as smooth and flowing as possible. Repeat on opposite side. Do 15 reps.


  • a. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend knees into a squat and lean forward from the waist, keeping your back straight. Place hands on hips for balance.
  • b. Straighten legs and push your right leg behind you as high as you can without arching your back (think speed skating). Keep your right foot flexed. Return to squat, repeat on opposite side. Start with two or three 15-second sets; work up to 30-second sets.


  • a. Stand as shown, feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • b. Squat down, placing hands flat on the floor alongside of or in front of your feet. (Let comfort be your guide.)
  • c. Jump and push both feet back, straightening your body into a push-up position. Jump and push both feet back to squat; stand up. Do 15 reps.