6 ways to get ready by summer

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Summer is here. Are you ready for it? As busy as our lives are, there’s a very good chance that you are like most of us, and the warm weather and all that comes with it has caught up with you, Never fear! The following are six tips to help you get ready for this incredible season of outdoor fun:

1 GIVE YOURSELF AN HONEST ONCE-OVER. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at yourself from head-to-toe–naked. Really. It may not be the easiest thing for you to do, but it’s important for you to assess your physical body. If you need to work on it, the time is now.

2 TEND TO YOUR SKIN. This is the season when bare becomes essential. That means you’d better pay attention to the skin you’re going to be showing. Have you been exfoliating and moisturizing? How do those elbows look in the light of day? What about your legs? Do you need to shave? And fellas, this includes you and your skin. Men commonly don’t use lotion on their bodies. Trust that nobody wants to see ashy skin when you put on those shorts.

3 EVALUATE YOUR WARM-WEATHER WARDROBE. Go through your closet carefully to see what you own for the season. Lay out outfits together as well as individual pieces. Try on everything to ensure that the clothing still fits you well and represents your style. Anything that doesn’t work, remove it from your closet. Give it away. Sell it on eBay. Don’t stash it farther into your closet.

4 REVIEW YOUR ACCESSORIES. What bags, shoes and jewelry do you have in your possession for the season? Match them with your outfits to see if you have what you need. And here’s another area where you may be able to show your generous side and give some of your goodies away. For the past few years, accessories for women have been key signature pieces. As the prices have skyrocketed, the desire for the next “it” accessory has become all the craze. Be mindful not to fall into that hole. Check what you’ve got before you go shopping.

5 MAKE A SHOPPING LIST. For women, key items for the season include floral dresses, navy and white ensembles, full circle skirts, enamel jewelry, wedge sandals and colorful, strappy stilettos. For ideas, visit neimanmarcus.com. For men, look to add argyle sweaters (argyleculture.com), skinny jeans and flat-front pants.

6 SELECT A SWIMSUIT. One of the toughest purchases per season is to select a swimsuit that looks just right on you. If you haven’t selected one yet, the pickings could be slim, so go now–with a buddy, if you dare. Appreciate a bit of control? The Miraclesuit offers just that with varying degrees of tummy control (miraclesuit.com). For modest swimwear, look for whole-pieces that have color emphasis where you want the eye to go, suits that are darker in camouflage areas, or you might want to consider tankinis. If you dare, go for a bikini. Just make sure it fits! Ready or not, summer is here. Enjoy!

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